drbanner's High Grade Bronze Age DCs and Marvels (Recap of remaining books Page 1)
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2 minutes ago, jayhawker said:
Amazing Spider-man 174 VF/NM Punisher appearance $16.00
Amazing Spider-man 175 NM- Punisher appearance $24.00
Amazing Spider-man 188 NM Jigsaw appearance $18.00
Astonishing Tales 21 VF/NM It! The Living Colossus begins $28.00
Astonishing Tales 22 VF+  $16.00


You got 'em. :headbang:

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10 hours ago, drbanner said:

Amazing Spider-man 36 F+ Steve Ditko cover/art, back cover includes additional details on Spidey's super-powers $48.00




The kid couldn't spell "sense" or "webbing" or "strength" or "maneuverability" to save his life.  But you gotta admit, he has a good analytical mind.

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