Buzzetta's FOURTH Guess The Grade Contest - Ends 2020-12-12 at 12 Midnight EST
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I have not done one of these in years.  After doing a bathroom and now stripping the roof off to put another one up, I almost said no.  But... it's a pandemic year and we don't have one of those too often...

So... when life gives you a pandemic, make pandemicade.

Guess the new grades and you win a prize.  If no one participates... then ... okay... figured I would revive the old grading contest. 


One price will be drop shipped from Amazon.  That will be the Lego set because they get heavy to ship.  Let Amazon take on that burden. So Lego set, Funko Pop...   As of now, there are two prizes. Last time I did this there were a total of two prizes and as more people entered I threw in more things and I will be doing the same thing this year. First place will have an overall pick of whatever is in the prize field. Second place will have next pick in whatever is left in the prize field and so on if there are other prizes offered. 

About the books: 

Earlier this year, I submitted a mix of ten raw and graded books to CGC.  First though, all books were pressed by Joe and then were submitted under my account.  He does not know the grades.  I am the only one that knows the grades of the books.  Even though I submitted ten books there were duplicates so I am only using seven of those books for this contest.   All books came back universal blue. 


  1. Contest is open to USA addresses only.  Sorry everywhere else... 
  2. HOS and Probation People are disqualified and problem children. If you see something, say something.
  3. Your entry should be what you think the new grade is. If you think that Comic "A" graded out to a 5.5 then your entry would read Comic A - 5.5
  4.  "Closest" will be defined as each viable grade that CGC awards and how close you are by the number of points away from that book regardless of if you overgraded or undergraded. 
  5. If someone accurately predicts all six books, then the contest ends and I will throw some other stuff in the box. 
  6. You only get one entry so make it count. - They are recorded so don't change them.
  7. If there is a tie, I first look at bullseyes.  If there is a tie with that then the first entrant to submit scores wins.
  8. Contest ends 11:59 PM EST on December 12th, 2020.
  9. I am including a sample of what my scoresheet looks like so you can see how I score... where the lowest score wins. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 7.59.51 PM.png

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The Books: 

Book 1 - Amazing Spider-man 23 - Formerly a CGC 7.5 (Submitted my favorite Ditko cover to get a press and be placed in the Spider-man CGC label - this was my definite keeper)




Book 2 - Captain America Comics 45 (Formerly a PGX 4.5 - now added to the GA Locomotive Collection) 




Book 3 - Batman 40 (Purchased off the boards last year as a VG / 3.5)




Book 4 - Crime Suspenstories 15 (Purchased off eBay as a 5.0)




Book 5 - Superman 25 (Purchased from Heritage as a raw 5.0 as the book had been cracked open.  The old label was included in the sale)




Book 6 - Fantastic Four 48 (Formerly a New Label 6.0)




Book 7 - Dell 596 (Sold to me on eBay as a raw "Good - for this contest we will call it a 2.5)







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7 minutes ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Dang I should have waited for the answer we posted same time , whoops

Post in the thread. 

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Book 1 7.5
Book 2 3.0

Book 3 4.0
Book 4 6.0
Book 5 6.5
Book 6 6.0
Book 7 2.5

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8 minutes ago, MGsimba77 said:

Is it possible one of or all of them kept the grade in the scan or did they all change?

All I am saying is that they all came back universal 

Thank you PGX for not screwing that up btw. 

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