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14 minutes ago, Joshua33 said:

I'm gonna try to put together a cheap dealer lot for those who stuck around... give me a couple. How about I post at 830 sharp to give everybody a chance. Dont know how great it will be, but I'd like to say thank you to everyone, and I'll do my best.

I appreciate all you, truly for making these threads so much fun. I don't really like selling off books, but I love them going to you guys after I've enjoyed them. 

Oogle my new Brunner pages from Savage Sword if youre bored in the mean time.





OMG - that is amazing!!!!!





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Here's the lot. Insanely priced for you!!! The best dang boardies I know :luhv:

Giant Size Conan 1,2 and 3 high grade

Monsters on the Prowl 16 Hilltop high grade

Kull 3 High grade

Conan 23 and 24 mid to fine or better

Chamber of Darkness 8 Wrightson Fine or better

Creatures on the Loose 10 high grade "Hilltop copy"

Rife with first appearances and cameos of Red Sonja, Thoth Amon, Thulsa Doom, Kull, Belit and more. A whopping 18 bucks a book for y'all. 


$160 :news:SOLD VIA PM










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1 hour ago, Joshua33 said:

Next up is probably the best shadow work out there. Unbelievably brutal cover if you haven't held one. Its way more menacing in person. Very tough book for people to find in mid grade or above. 

I found a copy of number 6 at my local Half Price Books for ten bucks, a fine enough value itself. I torture myself, however, with the notion that there was a no. 7 there as well amongst all those ten-dollar books that someone was too lazy to look up, but that it sold to the guy who walked out just as I was walking in... :nyah:

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9 hours ago, Comcav said:

That is the book that ALMOST drags me kicking and screaming into Timely every time I see it...

nah, takes a man to buy that book; stick with avons.

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