Grade is in - PGM X-Men #94
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Hello, thanks for helping me out here.  Many spine ticks, slight ink overspray on front upper right cover.  On the back there's some ink overspray on the top and a crease in the lower left corner.  Also, it looks like the book was miswrapped top to bottom - there's more green background on the top and less on the bottom.  Bottom is missing a bit of the world, Cyclop's foot and Banshee when compared to other pics of this issue.


X-Men 94 FC.jpg

X-Men 94 BC.jpg

X-Men 94 more spine ticks.jpg

X-Men 94 LLC BC.jpg

X-Men 94 spine ticks.jpg

X-Men 94 LLC.jpg

X-Men 94 RUC.jpg

X-Men 94 RLC.jpg

X-Men 94 LUC.jpg

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The only difference I can see is the crease on the back cover, lower left corner.  It's hardly noticeable now, but you can still see it faintly - here's a magnified view.  There is a pic of this same area in the first post of this thread.  The book also seems a tad bit flatter, but unfortunately, I didn't take a side-view pic before submitting.




Xmen94 LLC BC CGC.jpg

X-Men 94 BC CGC.jpg

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