Best of 2020..... Post your choices in CAF by 11:59 PM Thursday

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Best of 2020 is a month away. Last January I took in all your requests and talked to Bill about the feedback. Bill was planning on making alot of changes for 2020 but with the pandemic, a couple of ComicartLIve and a few of other things wasn’t able to implement those changes for 2020. But we are still have some changes which we hope will improve participation and voting.
So start working on picking those 5 special pieces you acquired in 2020……….
Stay Tunes I will have more in the coming weeks.
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Just announced Bill will be requiring people to have the artwork they want to enter in the Best of 2020 posted in their CAF galleries by 11:59PM this thursday. Just like last year he has set it up for collectors to select items from their CAF galleries that were posting in 2020 and enter them on the Best of. Which means if you have had the art posted for the last few months in CAF then you are fine, if some of the entries are not in your CAF then you have just over two days to post them. 

Even if you haven't finalized your decision you can still post the ones your semi-finalists. Then decide from those before Best of starts in early January. So get those choses into the CAF by thursday night.

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23 minutes ago, Latverian Tourism Board said:

How do we submit for this? Just create a gallery named Best of 2020?

No. The instructions will come later, but any potential entrants you have should be uploaded to your CAF gallery (in whatever gallery you want)

When it starts, you can select from your 2020 uploads to enter.


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