Today, December 11th, is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art's – NEW ART FRIDAYS! of new comic art releases
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Nostalgic Investments Comic Art – NEW ART FRIDAYS! 

December 11, 2020

Featured Artists:

Charles Schulz

Jack Kirby

George Tuska

Herb Trimpe


Featured Page:

Thor #140 p11 (Thor Transformation) by Jack Kirby

This is as good a Thor transformation as you’ll ever see. The Don Black panels with the officers cry Kirby in their execution.


Nostalgic Investments Comic Art, NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Dillin, Ron Wilson, Filipe Andrade, George Tuska, Chris Batista, Don Heck, Herb Trimpe and Charles Schulz! 

  1. Green Lantern #59 p5 (Origin Hal Jordan) by Gil Kane

  2. Thor #140 p11 (Thor Transformation) by Jack Kirby

  3. Justice League of America #108 p2 (Signed) by Dillin

  4. Thing #17 Cover (Signed) by Ron Wilson

  5. Marvel Treasury Edition #13 p47 by George Tuska

  6. All-New All Marvel Point One #0 p2 (Rocket & Groot) by Filipe Andrade

  7. G.I. Joe #139 p1 (Signed) by Chris Batista

  8. Tales to Astonish #40 p1 (Large Art Splash) by Don Heck

  9. Snoopy, Color Piece (1970’s) by Charles Schulz

  10. Iron Man #84 p27 by Herb Trimpe 

See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.











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