Board upgrades? Aka The Airing of Grievances Thread
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11 hours ago, Buzzetta said:





My home I miss it.  I've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge multiple times.  When the WTC was standing I would take my friends from out of town to go see them, so when we got out of the Chambers Street station I would tell them to look ahead and not look up - when we got to the corner of Tower 1 I would tell them to look up until they saw the top.  As they arched their necks and their backs, they would always topple backwards.

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On 12/16/2020 at 10:32 AM, JazzMan said:

outrage, bewilderment, some liking it, some who swear off the boards, adoption, acceptance and finally business as usual.


                           We are in this range about now

We should be at the latter stages by mid week.

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11 hours ago, Buzzetta said:

More like, "He sees YOU !"

That is very cool. 

Very true. Although I have a smaller building in the back that has lights on the corners and a temp power pole beside. At night he likes to sit on top of that pole and wait for rats or rabbits to run in front of the light and scoop them up. Which is my very own animal planet.  Many a night just watching him get dinner. 

11 hours ago, wilbil said:

that is very nice, onlyweaknessphotos(thumbsu

(:gossip: what is it?)

As Comicdonna said , I do believe it is a Barred Owl 

10 hours ago, comicdonna said:

Is that a Barred Owl?

I do believe so.

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6 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

this new look hurts my eyes and gives me a headache .... not good

That's what she said.

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