WTD ASM 194 9.8, ASM 238 9.8, JIM 85 7.0 ASM Annual 1 7.0
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Hi looking to fill some holes in my collection.  Looking for the following at reasonable prices.  I have been a member here for a while on and off.   I stopped collecting for a while due to other priorities but back in it now.

My kudo link


Please DM me what you have with pictures.

Want list.  Will not be able to to pic all these up at the same time but seeing what I find

  • ASM 194 9.8
  1. ASM 238 9.8 (with tattoos) Found
  • ASM Annual #1 7.0
  • JIM 85 7.0  - (upgrading my 5.5 Blue Label - willing to trade. Does have a rested staple.  Was bought like that of heritage and I had it slab over 7 years again.  Condition of staple has not changed one bit.)


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Found ASM 238 9.8
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