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Wallace “Wally “ Wood’s art was a mainstay in the comics industry thru the early days of EC, continuing on through Mad Magazine right into the Marvel Age of comics. He also was know for his strip work and the designing of the Daredevil red costume just to name a few of his accomplishments. Here are five books that feature his remarkable detail oriented pencil and ink work.

“The Complete Cannon” (SC 10,5 “X 13”) reprints the entirety of his classic sex and violence strip from the 1960s. Super-spy John Cannon is the American's answer to James Bond, fighting the Cold War with a license to kill.Always regarded as one of comics' great craftsmen, Cannon is simply one of the most beautiful strips ever produced.Created for the military newspaper “Overseas Weekly” it featured outrageous parodies of pop culture icons of the time, the Cold War, and the secret agent genre with scantily clad women to keep the soldiers attention.This oversized collection includes a section of never-before-seen Cannon ephemera in the form of sketches, notes and annotated information about the strip (VG +)

“Sky Masters of the Space Force”(SC 8” x 10.5”) this book collects this revered syndicated strip which boasted Wood inking the great Jack Kirby,
E’nuff Said! 52 pages Includes a color gallery (VG)

Two EC reprint “Weird Science” issues featuring classic Wood covers. In case you had forgotten how great Wally Wood was these two books also include two Wood illustrated stories”The Martians “and “The Maidens Cried” to refresh your memory. (VF)

“Wally’s World”(“6.5 x 10” signed by author) Chronicles Wood’s career working for various publishers and his troubled personal life leading to his suicide in 1981 .Also includes a color gallery.(VG)

The “Cannon “ book alone is used on Amazon at $30 (cheapest)

So let’s do all 5 books : $40 + $8 shipping PayPal / US Buyers Only ,Important : "Take" Buyers must complete payment in 48 Hrs







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