12" Spider-Man (2002 Movie) Action Figures, NIB
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 No probies or HOSers

1  Buyer Pays Shipping, Dependent Upon Location and Current Rates.  Will Provide Quote Based on Address.

2. Payment by Paypal or Venmo only.

3. First :takeit:  in the sales thread gets it.

4.  Returns are fine if buyer pays shipping and condition remains the same.

Please feel free to make me an offer through PM.


Now the items:

I bought these ToyBiz 2001 12" Action Figures brand new when they hit the shelves prior to the release of the movie.  These have remained in my possession ever since in a smoke-free, air-conditioned environment with little to no UV light exposure.  They have NEVER been opened.

I will sell these in a bulk set.  I don't sell or otherwise collect action figures (just a couple Spidey toys), so my only reference point for the "value" of these items is what I could find on Ebay.  It looks like most are selling these for $45 ea or $100-$150 for the set that I have.

So I am asking for $125 plus shipping costs. 











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