Today, January 15th is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art's – NEW ART FRIDAYS! of new comic art releases
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Nostalgic Investments Comic Art – NEW ART FRIDAYS! 

January 15, 2021

Featured Artists:

Gene Colan
Jack Kirby
Herb Trimpe

Featured Page:
Secrets of Sinister House #17 Cover by Nick Cardy

Nostalgic Investments Comic Art, NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Jack Kirby, George Papp, Herb Trimpe, Nick Cardy, Al Kupperberg, Michael Golden, Bill Everett, Gil Kane, Irv Novick and Gene Colan! 

  1. Superboy #127 p1 (Large Art–Too Cheap) by George Papp

  2. Incredible Hulk #154 p9 by Herb Trimpe

  3. Secrets of Sinister House #17 Cover by Nick Cardy

  4. Invaders #33 p11 by Al Kupperberg

  5. Batman Family #19 p9 by Michael Golden

  6. Strange Tales #148 p3 (Origin Ancient One) by Bill Everett

  7. Jungle Action #9 p22 by Gil Kane

  8. Teen-Age Romance #84 p2 (Large Art) by Jack Kirby

  9. Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #93 p9 by Irv Novick

  10. Daredevil #48 p27 (Foggy becomes D.A.) by Gene Colan

See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.











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