[CLOSED]-Graded Pre-Hero, E.C., Romance, Baker, L.B. Cole, Bailey
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An offering of various slabbed high-grade golden-age books. First to say "Take" in the comment box takes precedents over negotiations.  

Books packed and secured well. Domestic sales preferred; Canada ok with additional shipping.

Multiple books (over three) will require additional shipping.

No refund on slabbed books.

Refunds ok on raw books with notification within 5-days of receiving the book and shipping within 7-days after notification.

Allow 7-days after auction close for shipping. Tracking number provided. 

Paypal only.

Recommendations from past sales/purchases available upon request. I have had several sales with very pleased buyers.

This will be a short duration sale. Books not sold will go to auction/online sales.

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20 minutes ago, zoso99 said:

Jungle Thrills #16 7.5 OW L.B. Cole Cover $585

Jungle Thills #16 Raw Book Cover.jpg

Jungle Thills #16 Raw Book Back Cover.jpg

Jungle back cover.jpg

jungle interior.jpg

Disregard the first back cover. I couln't remove it for some reason, and it is another books back cover. The second back cover and interior are correct.

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23 minutes ago, Comcav said:

are your back cover pics correct?  EXACT same defects on the Jungle and True to Life.

I updated. Back covers are correct.

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