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Just one book for this thread and it's a beauty.

The usual rules for this thread apply:

-No HoS or Probation list buyers

-I reserve the right to not sell to other buyers with a poor reputation or that are on my own "Do not sell" list.

-Payment via Paypal

-Shipping via USPS Priority for $12 for the continental United States.  Shipping for Canada will be quoted.

-First :takeit: in the thread wins and prevails over pm offers

-Returns accepted for 14 days after delivery

Feel free to pm with offer or questions.  I'm always open to reasonable package offers. 

My Kudos thread is here for those that don't know me:

Thanks for looking!

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That's a beauty! 

I still remember the "Those who change" story 50 years  after reading it!  Some scientists discovered a way to transport objects through time. They were warned of the possible consequences of objects suddenly appearing in the past, but they chose to continue their test...


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I'm bumping this thread one time and then I'll close it and keep the book.  I'm glad to consider reasonable proposals but please don't pm with lowball offers.  (thumbsu

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