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I forgot I owned this and recently found it at my parents house.  Not in the best condition, but certainly not had for having had it since I was a kid and read it a few times.  Somehow, I even kept the tattoos intact.

I'm going to sell it, but want to get a good idea of the grade first.

It can certainly use a press.  A lot of non-color breaking areas I tried to illustrate.

There may also be some slight water damage or staining on the back page that I don't think can be cleaned.

I would appreciate an idea of a grade before and after a press.  I'll then sell on the boards once I have a fair idea of what to ask.
















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Once pressed you woul be very Lucky to have a 7.0 and and thats with big work maybe pressed twice at some will never be high grade if you dont want it id say seul it raw to someone that cannot afford high grade .the two of you would benefit from it. Its a great key issue  you can make a few easy buck without working on it to much

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Cool, about what I was going to guess, but wasn't sure with a possible upgrade due to a good press.

I decided to sell for $150, which according to GPA is below the current price point for this grade. 

Thank you for all the help.  It's such a great cover!

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