WTB High Grade SA Green Lantern including Showcase appearances
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Hello everyone I'm looking to add some books to my GL collection. I'll list the specific books I'm looking for below with the grades. Thank you for looking

Showcase #23 CGC 8.0

Showcase #24 CGC 8.0

Green Lantern #2 CGC 8.5-9.0

Green Lantern #6 CGC 8.5-9.0

Green Lantern #7 CGC 9.0 (I have an 8.5 I'd like to upgrade)

Green Lantern #40 CGC 9.0

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I'm very surprised I haven't gotten any messages these past few weeks. Typically I get some sort of reply after a week or so. Anyways I'm still looking and would love to add some more issues to my collection. :bump:

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