Today, February 5th is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art’s NEW ART FRIDAYS! 
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Today, February 5th is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art’s NEW ART FRIDAYS!

Featured Artists:

Carmine Infantino
John Buscema
Jack Kirby

Featured Page:


Fantastic Four #38 p13 (Signed, Large Art) by Jack Kirby

Chic Stone did a wonderful job on Kirby pencils during this FF run in the 30’s. You had some very memorable storylines during this period! The Sandman is in the top three of my all-time favorite villains and any page with him in it is attractive to me.

NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Dave Stevens, John Buscema, Carmine Infantino, David Finch, Jack Kirby, Charlie Adlard, Jose Delbo, Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane and Gene Colan! 

  1. Fantastic Four #38 p13 (Signed, Large Art) by Jack Kirby

  2. The Rocketeer: Cliff's New York Adventure p5 by Dave Stevens

  3. Flash #116 p3 (Signed, Large Art) by Carmine Infantino

  4. Fantastic Four #305 p18 by John Buscema

  5. Batman  #20 p5 (Splash) by David Finch

  6. Walking Dead #53 p16 (Splash) by Charlie Adlard

  7. Wonder Woman #284 p2-3 (Double Spread) by Jose Delbo

  8. Incredible Hulk #165 p27 by Herb Trimpe

  9. Sword of the Atom Special #1 p7 by Gil Kane

  10. Marvel Super Special #10 p24 by Gene Colan

See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.











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2 hours ago, MOStateSuperman said:

To be fair, this isn’t the “cheap art Wednesdays” drop. This one isn’t advertised as cheap.

You’re right. My bad.

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7 hours ago, Nostalgic Investments said:

Correct Cheap Art is $500 or less, New Art Fridays release is premium art and usually well exceeds $500.

Have you received my email? I sent it from the website form.



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