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On 2/25/2021 at 2:28 AM, sirmarkalot024 said:

Michaelangelo Christmas Special NM, w $15 


On 2/11/2021 at 5:16 PM, sirmarkalot024 said:

Toxic Avenger #1 & #2 NM-, white pages (both). $20


On 2/16/2021 at 11:23 PM, sirmarkalot024 said:

Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told GN TPB VF/NM, ow/w $12

:takeit: at 25% off

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Posted (edited)


Plastic Man #1-4 Full Set NM-, w $10


The World Of Krypton #1-4 Full Set NM, w $10


The World Of Smallville #1-4 NM, w $8


Hawk & Dove #1-5 Full Set VF/NM, w $8

Dr. Fate #1-4 Full Set NM-, w $15

Nightcat #1 Premier Issue NM, w $8

Serenity Better Days #1-3 Full Set VF/NM, w + Float Out VF, w $15

Saga Of The Sub-Mariner #1-12 Full Set NM-, w (beautiful set) $20

Darkman #1-3 Full Set NM, w $8

Wolverine #131 NM, w (recalled edition) $10

Batman The Return One Shot NM-, w $10

DC Universe Halloween Special 2010 One Shot NM-, w $8

DC Universe Holiday Special 2009 One Shot NM-, w $8

The World Of Metropolis #1-4 Full Set VF/NM, w $10

Batman #500 2 Cover Set NM, w $10

DC Variant Cover Lot Of 5 NM, w Aquaman #39 (middleton) Batgirl #25 (middleton) Batman Who Laughs: Grim Knight #1 (dell'otto) Catwoman #9 (artgerm) Dceased #1 (putri) $22

Venom #26 NM, w (2 copies) $22

NORAH #1-4 Full Set NM, w (hard to find) $25

DC Elseworlds Kingdom Come GN TPB NM-, w (rare 3rd print, unread) $60

The Golden Age Flash Archives Volume 2 Hardcover (sealed) $25 (sold)

THANOS Infinity Revelation Hardcover (sealed) $15

Star Wars Shattered Empire Hardcover (sealed) $15

GYPSY Omnibus 2018 Insight Comics (sealed) $30


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Friday 03/05 10pm until midnight EST;

Everything is 50% OFF.

The only exclusions are Hellblazer set, Lucifer set and, X-Men Lot which have all been reduced.

Items $10 and under are exempt, (but still 25% off) so $10.01 and up are 50% off.

Please denote the amount off (25% or 50%) when claiming items in the thread. This is not necessary, but will help me a lot to compile invoices.

That's it! 10pm, T-Minus 2 hours.

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