Lugia ex 105/115 Worth Grading?
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Hi everyone, im new to this grading thing and I have a card from my childhood that I heard might be worth something if graded. I have a Lugia ex 105/115 that ive had in a sleeve since i got it in 2005. Its no the world championship one its the normal pokemna card style. Do you guys think I should get it graded? Im a broke college student who needs some money.



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21 minutes ago, Jonathan Bedillion said:

These are what’s left of my collection. Any of these worth getting graded?


Look them up on ebay for starters and then go from there. Just search Pokemon NAME OF CARD xxx/xxx (example: Pokemon Lugia EX 105/115). You can then click the sold checkbox on the left side of the screen to populate those sold.

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The mew, lugia and sceptile are all good. Using standard service to grade them isnt a bad idea. The rest are probably all sub 100 in value so you should send them bulk. The 3rd gen cards are worth grading since they have been rising in value within the last year.

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