PGM Avengers 126
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Going for what I think is a mid-grade this time to see if I'm getting better. :)

Pages are white/off-white and supple, cover is pretty glossy. There is some creasing on the front and back that's hard to get with the phone camera or scanner.












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1 hour ago, Bayowolf said:

A press may raise it to 7 -7.5, but color breaking creases on edge, corner and spine, and tear by staple may keep this at 6 to 6.5,  I'm no expert on pressing.

This... and 6.0

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So this time around I had it at a 4.5/5.0. I've been pretty close on the consensus every time I've posted a book on here, but usually I'm a little higher not a little lower. Still, thanks for all your input it's helping me immensely.

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