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All slab sale, maybe some raw books later.  All prices include shipping in North America, PayPal peferred payment or cash if local, 14 day return policy no questions asked but shipping is on you, first “claim” in thread wins and trumps ongoing negotiations.  That being said I’m trying to price these at quick sale price, generally gpa or my estimate of auction price less all fees to make them attractive.  

Sold many books here, on Instagram and EBay, lots of references available.

Here is the list, more probably added later.  Pics will follow but slowly through today in between projects.  Thanks and happy hunting!


Page #1

Commando Comics #2, CDN white 3.0r $800 shipped

ASM 33 7.5, $SOLD

Venus #11 4.0, Canadian variant, only graded copy $350 shipped

Haunt of Fear 15(1), scarce CDN variant REDUCED $1300, 4 graded second highest

Weird Science 12(1), 2.5 CDN variant SOLD

Weird Fantasy 15(1) CDN variant 5.5, SOLD

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 8.5 white, SOLD

ASM #62, 9.4 white pages SOLD

World of Fantasy #7, 7.5 ow/w $400

The Thing #16. 8.5 ow/w $SOLD

Dan O’Neill’s Comics and Stories #1, 9.4 white pages. REDUCED $350

Mystic #1 6.0 $550

 Strange Worlds #3 (Avon) 5.0 REDUCED $400

Sub-Mariner #36, 3.0 REDUCED $300

Daring Mystery #1 SOLD


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Late night bonus book for the night owls.  Sub-mariner #36 raw unrestored, about a 3.0 everything attached wear as shown and bottom spine rear cover piece out.  $SOLD for the twilight crowd





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