2021 Second Sale---3 OO SA/GA Collections----CLOSED
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So I picked up 3 OO collections which is awesome.  The stories were cool and made me even more happy buying them.  One from Iowa that collected them as a kid and read and enjoyed them and now is a farmer and doesn't need them.  The second is a guy from Minnesota who bought them as a kid and read them all then kept them in his closet till now and doesn't want them anymore.  The third is a guy from Chicago who was a DC only lover and picked these up one by one off the newsstand.  His kids don't like comics so he sold them to me.  The conditions vary, there are some rare books here.  Some low, mid and some high grade.  I will leep price as low as i can.  Please take a look and lets do a fun 3 day sale.  Starts tomorrow night but I will throw one up for now to start.  Should be about 80 comics per night with lots of free ones thrown in.  Some free covers and stuff like that too.  Thank you all and please enjoy.



Now for the:




  •   No PL/HOS members

  •  First  :takeit: trumps all PM negotiations.  Once we agree in PM then you can post the Take.  Thanks

  •  I'll take Paypal for any orders under $1000. Anything over $1000 Money Order or Check Please for this sale.  Thank you

  • When the thread is over an invoice will be sent with my address and paypal info--- :luhv:

  •  I'll expect payment within 3 calendar days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)

  • USA: RAW: 1-3 Comics $6.99, 4-6 comics $9.99, 7+ Comics $15.10 

  • USA: Graded: 1-2 Comics $15.10

  •  Canada: $25 for Shipping. Overseas- Shipping at cost. I only ship overseas to established board members that ive dealt with.

  • General Policy: I Will NOT Accept returns on graded comics....sowwy but for Raw magazines and Comics I will within 30 days of receipt.....

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Amazing Spider-Man #5--This is a low grade entry level copy.  Cover is detached and almost split.  Some staining on the back cover but all the interior is there and is nice.  I call this a 1.0/1.5.  Still an early spidey.  Asking $275 $250 SOLD





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