Today, February 26th is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art’s NEW ART FRIDAYS!
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Today, February 26th is Nostalgic Investments Comic Art’s NEW ART FRIDAYS!

Featured Artists:

Don Heck

Gil Kane

Jack Kirby

Featured Page:


Avengers #9 p3 (Large Art) by Don Heck

Avengers #9 is one of my all time favorite issues in all of comics. Even though this page doesn’t have Wonder Man it still is very memorable for having great shots of the Enchantress, Executioner, and Baron Zemo. I was always drawn to the 3 of them, probably because of this issue.

NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Don Heck, Rich Buckler, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Sheldon Moldoff, Gray Morrow, Ed Hannigan, Doug Wildey and Lee Elias! 

  1. Avengers #9 p3 (Large Art) by Don Heck

  2. Karate Kid #13 Cover (Legion) by Rich Buckler

  3. Captain America #145 p6 by Gil Kane

  4. New Gods #4 p14 by Jack Kirby

  5. Detective Comics #328 p2 (Large Art) by Sheldon Moldoff

  6. Spectre #12 p1 (Splash)(Large) by Gray Morrow

  7. Giant-Size Avengers #4 p15 (Half Splash) by Don Heck

  8. Green Arrow #1 p20 (Signed-Large Art) by Ed Hannigan

  9. Tarzan #162 p18 (Large Art) by Doug Wildey

  10. Showcase #46 p9 (Large Art) by Lee Elias

See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.











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