Today, March 19th, is Nostalgic Investments’ Comic Art NEW ART FRIDAYS!
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Today, March 19th, is Nostalgic Investments’ Comic Art NEW ART FRIDAYS!

Featured Artists:

Gray Morrow

John Buscema

Frank Frazetta

Featured Page:



Adventure Comics #415 p5 (Zatanna)  Pencils: Gray Morrow

Do you realize how rare it is to find a page from a Zatanna story? She was only featured, with her own story line, in issues of Adventure Comics 413-415. The stories were 7 pages each. Gray Morrow drew her in these issues and, as you can see, he did a wonderful job.


NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Gray Morrow, John Buscema, Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, Alan Kupperberg, John Byrne, and Tom Grindberg! 


  1. Brave and the Bold #195 Cover by Jim Aparo

  2. Silver Surfer #102 p20 (⅔ Splash) by Tom Grindberg

  3. X-Men: The Hidden Years #2 p13 by John Byrne

  4. Adventure Comics #415 p5 (Zatanna) by Gray Morrow

  5. Fantastic Four #111 p16 by John Buscema

  6. Johnny Comet Strip 6/19/1952 by Frank Frazetta

  7. Captain 3-D #1 p10 (Large Art) by Jack Kirby

  8. Thanos vs. Hulk #2 p13 (Splash)(Signed) by Jim Starlin

  9. Phantom Stranger #25 p3 by Jim Aparo

  10. Captain America #240 p14 by Alan Kupperberg


See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.


Brave and the Bold 195 cvr.jpg









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