Which CGC comic is your most prized slab?
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10 minutes ago, Jesse-Lee said:

New acquisition but it immediately became my most prized - I absolutely love his art style, so to think I have a small, one-of-a-kind (each remarque is different, 16 in total) piece of his original work is amazing. And I got it at a steal of a deal, which also makes me happy!


One of the best remarques I've ever seen. 

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17 minutes ago, mrc said:

.....was fortunate to meet Bernie at the London Con in 2012.


house of mystery 195.jpg

Wow and overseas visits are special! He gets a lot of grief, but Dell Otto is in Italy so my sketch of his is special to me.

That wrightson is written fairly neat and succinct in the bottom right, really clean, congrats!

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