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Hi, I had submitted 15 comics to be graded and at the time I was not aware that due to 1 of them having a special label the submission would be split into 2 (which is fine). So the 15 comics were split into Submission 370554 and 370553. They were received on 10/30/20 and I already received by mail submission 370554 on 03/25/21 but nothing yet on Submission 370553? I found that odd because the comics were submitted at the same time and 1 has already been processed and the others haven't? I know about the delays and thats understandable but I just want to make sure that this is a norm since the lot arrived together and I would have thought they would have been processed along the same time span even though they were split into 2 submissions? Thank you

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Good morning,

Thanks for your message.  Can you verify the correct submission number?  The numbers you provided are short by one digit.  Once I have the correct number, I'll check the status for you.


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