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9 hours ago, kagemusha7s said:

Take Star Wars 42

Thanks!! :) 

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1 hour ago, aardvark88 said:

Do u have a spare X-men #4 missing original centerfold for sale? So glad u ship to Canada. Thanks, buddy.

I’ll always ship to Canada! 

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5 hours ago, thirdgreenham said:


I can remember seeing this cover advertised, and the cover just hooked me. I remember how bad I wanted to read this book.


5 hours ago, thirdgreenham said:


This was another book I was just dying to read. I have always enjoyed the Metal Men. I know that the stories now seem incredibly hokey, but they were just fine for a 7 - 8 year old boy. Besides, it looks so nice compared to my Mike Esposito Metal Men #1 cover recreation. This was the first cover recreation that I had commissioned.

369DF2DA-D734-4739-810D-1A4645C38874.jpeg     MM.jpg.1cbce29b027440c8436ecda3947860c3.jpg

Sorry for interrupting your sale thread. :devil:


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These books have just sold and please consider the thread closed now.

ASM 7 1.8 Restored $175

ASM 17 3.5 Qualified $150

Hulk 180 5.5 Qualified $600

Hawkman 1 6.0 $295

Metal Men 1 6.5 $230

Iron Man 55 5.5 SS $480

X-Men 4 2.5 Qualified $1155

You can always PM me if you're looking for any that I offered here or others on your mind.

Thanks everyone! (worship)


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