May Heritage Auction starting to look pretty interesting
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1 hour ago, delekkerste said:

That’s a bit low for a Sal Buscema no?


Colorado Kid always has good taste in art. Now I’m curious to see what the recreation goes for. I’ve been talking to a few guys and if they bring forward some of the things they are offering privately (they see the latest auction gets) this is going to be another bid happy HA affair.

I’m loving this personally. I don’t know why. I guess I’m pleased that the pandemic didn’t destroy our hobby.

Keep putting the art up for auction if you’re done staring at it 24/7, it looks like people have money to burn right now.


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On 4/9/2021 at 7:46 PM, Callaway29 said:

SS6 :whatthe:

I know, right? In my mind this is a top-five all-time comic cover. 


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I remember trading a couple UXM 266 slabs for Harley's raw SS6 years back... good times.

Graded well, eventually sold it to fund OA, go figure. }:-)

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20 hours ago, Legion of Goom said:

Wild guess...I'm thinking that one breaks $300k

For the past week or so, I was thinking that the floor on that piece was maybe 300K? But that was a number I basically pulled out of the air with no real hard data.

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