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I just got a Supersnipe comics V2 #1 the one with the muscle man on the cover and missing from the Gerber and before I counted the pages, I always thought it was suppose to have 60 pages and I found out that Supersnipe comics page count is all over the place with different issues. When I looked this issue up on, it said it is suppose to have 68 pages but my issue doesn't appear to be missing any pages.

Please tell me who is right.

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3 hours ago, AJD said:

GCD page counts aren't always right, especially in a run where counts vary.


Supersnipe is included in the Keltner Guide so here's the info for that issue:

68 pages:

Supersnipe - 25 pages

Ulysses Wacky - 12 pages

Wing Woo Woo - 6 pages

Huckleberry Fiin - 14 pages

This lines up well with the GCD data (though the count on the Supersnipe is off by 1 page). The title is supposed to drop to 60 pages with the following issue.

Since it's a S&S book, neither CB+ nor DCM host scans though could not confirm there.

Are the page counts matching your copy?



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Thanx guys but I already packed the book up and I am mailing it back to seller tomorrow but appreciate all the help. I have 60 pages and the evidence seems overwhelmingly 68 pages. I just wasn't sure because this title has eratic page counts.

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