99 Savage Swords on the Wall ... and 20% off all remaining magazines
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The second of several spring threads from a friend's long-time collection, which includes Warrens, Skywald and Marvel magazines, fanzines and undergrounds. This time, we're counting down the first 99 issues of Savage Sword of Conan, which debuted in 1974. Like the Russ Cochran sets I posted earlier, these were stored (and largely forgotten) in a dark room for the last 30-odd years. I'll be listing these throughout the weekend as I root for the Wake Forest kid to win a green jacket.

It's a curious run, given that the earliest issues (and there are multiples) are extremely high grade, the last 25 issues less so. The collector was fastidious about almost perfect copies throughout the '70s, then apparently completed the Savage Sword run with the best copies he could find at the local comic shows.

In these first (mid-grade) issues of the countdown, I'll post only the occasional back cover, usually when it lends something to the grade. I'll note the occasional book with damage to page corners, apparently not uncommon in Curtis magazines, although the pages aren't brittle. The collector occasionally made a notation in light pencil on the final page of the book, but I won't list those, nor downgrade the book.

Grading? As you will see, there are spectacular copies here. Do I believe several would slab out better than 9.4 or 9.6? Of course. But I've written far too many checks to CGC in the last 12 months.

House rules. No HOS or probes need apply. First "I'll Take It" wins in the thread. Returns accepted within 10 days, though, yes, you'll have to step up with postage. Shipping: USA only. For 1-3 magazines, $5 media mail, $15 priority. For 4-9 magazines $8 media mail, $25 priority. For ten magazines or more, we can negotiate to get as close as possible to exact postage. Payment via PayPal, check or money order. PM if you need more photos. I'm xelagallery on IG and I've had several previous offerings on the boards.

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