Sending in a CGC Certified Book for a Private Signing
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This is my first time sending in a CGC Certified book for a private signing so I would appreciate your help.

1. Do I just tape the "Private Signing Card" to the back of my slab? The directions says to tape it on the back of the window bag/board, but since I'm sending in an already-certified book, I don't know what the protocol is.
2. Do I need to provide my own window bag and board or does CGC do that for me and put my private signing card on the back?

3. Is the $5 handling fee the cost to remove the holder or will that be charged after?

Thanks for your help!
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I’m sure someone could come along and answer, but I think you’d be better served asking Cgc directly, so you get the answer from paid actual Cgc employees rather than random internet strangers who may have conflicting anecdotal answers.

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