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Picked up a little something today that I've been waiting for (more or less patiently) for five years.
The Shadow and Margo Lane as the perk for my backing of the Kickstarter for "Starstruck: Old Proldiers Never Die." The KS was funded in May of 2013, but the book required a lot more work than expected, took longer as a consequence, and cost more.
As tough as Elaine and Michael found the row to hoe, I felt that we were informed of the progress on a regular enough basis and the resulting book is gorgeous and a fun read.
Once the book was done, Micheal could start on the commission perks. Logically, he did the simpler and Starstuck centered ones first. Mine was neither of these. I was glad to hear from him that he enjoyed doing it and showing it to visitors. I love what he produced for me.
Click the link to see the progress of the commission and larger images.


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I add to my collection this Splash page featuring Cable...
You can see the OA here:


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A few recent acquisitions

1. Pat Oliphant Editorial on movies from July 1973

2. Buscema / DeZuniga Conan from back of a 1975 Oz Page

Oliphant Movie Editorial 001.jpg

Buscema J Dezuniga MGM Oz p52 back 001.jpg

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A couple of new Dr. Strange pages:

Earth X prelim sketch for Earth X Sketchbook-Alex Ross. Alex Ross made this sketch for Bill Reinhold to direct him in making a page for the Earth X Sketchbook.



Doctor Strange 12 p. 17 (Feb 1976)
Artists: Gene Colan (Penciller) ,  Tom Palmer (Penciller)


The Ancient One from Marvel Universe Master Edition
Artist: Keith Pollard (All)



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3 hours ago, ivdyer said:

Adam Kubert Hunt for Wolverine cover.  Thank you to Doug Peters and team.  


I can't just give that a like lol

It needs a post, it's Awesome! A lot of stuff posted here is, but this is right up my alley.   Congrats!

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