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On 10/25/2018 at 5:03 PM, Canadiancomics said:

Just received my ASM 100 jam back from NYCC. After 3 trys this year, I was finally able to add an Adam Kubert Kingpin, loved his run on Spectacular Spidey. Full list of artists and characters below. What other spidey artists should I try to add?



JSC - Lizard (FX Boston '18)
Adam Hughes - Gwen Stacy (FX Canada '17)
Adam Kubert - Kingpin (NYCC ‘18)
Ron Frenz - Spider-Man (Home commission)
Humberto Ramos - Green Goblin (FX Canada '17)
Mike Zeck - Punisher (FX Canada '17)
Tyler Kirkham - Rhino (FX Boston '18)
Joe Sinnott - Dr. Doom (Private signing)
Erik Larsen - Doc Ock (FX Canada '17)
Clayton Crain - Carnage (Monroe '17)
Adi Granov - Venom (FX Canada '17)
Bob McLeod - Kraven (FX Boston '18)
Ed McGuinness - Mysterio (FX Canada '17)
Keith Pollard - Black Cat (Baltimore '17)
Joe Jusko - Electro (FX Canada '17)

awesome !

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51 minutes ago, Caltex98 said:

Li'l Abner from December 30, 1955:


Click on the picture for a much bigger scan in my CAFgallery. (Should there be som traces of Frazetta here?)

Nice, I have an early L'il Abner as well. I think Frazetta mostly worked on the Sunday strips although I am not 100% confident on that. I read that Capp did all hands and faces on ghosted strips but later let Frazetta do the whole Sunday strips himself.

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On 11/27/2018 at 9:01 PM, Grant Turner said:

My piece de resistance Jack Kirby Chic Stone AVENGERS 6 pg 5


That is awesome (worship).  One of the best Avengers story in my opinion and I love the 1st Black Night panel

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"Poetry" by Barry Windsor-Smith is a stunning pre-Raphaelite painting in the tradition of the Romantic Arts...a glorious large-scale composition full of intricate details and rich hues of scarlet, lavender, blue, orange and gold as a moment of inspiration is shared by a Poet and his Muse. Painted circa 1978 during the legendary artist's Fine Arts hiatus and published 20 years later as a two-page spread in Opus #2 and as a limited edition giclee.  Few published BWS paintings have ever reached the market so I'm absolutely thrilled and humbled to own one.

When sharing my collection with fellow collectors, this painting never ceases to amaze and is simply breath-taking to view in person.  After enjoying it privately for years, I felt it time to add to my CAF gallery:

Poetry by BWS



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45 minutes ago, batman_fan said:

Got my second one framed today.  Still have one more to do.


I'm sure you have considered how much of the board to crop with the mat.  I like to see more of the border, just my personal taste.  Nice looking Peanuts!  David


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I'm a big fan of disparate CAF updates, and they don't get any more contrasting than these two. An Ernie Colón full page splash from the first issue of Amethyst (1983), and a 1936 Hannes Bok painting...

I've also recently added pieces by Jeff Jones, Linsner, Neil Vokes, Percy Crosby and others.



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A deal that took a while and am happy it happened.  Got some pages from the epilogue of Grant Morrison's invisibles volume 1.  One of my favorite pages where they find the fairy in the bottle or is it a rabbit?

eh, it's Grant Morrison, clearly it's both.





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BIG DAY for me! I not only got my first ever John Byrne piece, but it's from his legendary 1980's Superman/Action Comics run (which is what made Superman my all-time favorite character). I honestly couldn't be happier to own even a small piece of what is one of my most favorite runs in comics history:

HUGE "thank you" to Jim Warden for helping make this dream come true! I realize it's not a splash, and doesn't even feature Superman, but it's a page that will mean the WORLD to me for years to come. I tend to buy pages that mean something to me personally, and this page definitely fits that criteria!

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Been high on my list of artists to add to my collection so I was happy to finally land a Manara I could afford and one that certainly contains the integrity of artist’s style. Proceed no further if nudity offends you. 

Edited by Junkdrawer

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39 minutes ago, austinhg said:

Picked this page up from Louisville Supercon from Emi Lenox. This is my first piece of published art.


Plutona is an excellent book; looking forward to the movie. You might enjoy looking at this.

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I'm a big fan of Todd McFarlane's art; particularly the ASM #300/301 covers. So I've been commissioning custom swipes with different spider-family character/costume combinations.

Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) & Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew, Modern) by Atom Todd (

Venom (Stegman Style) & Venom Chibi by Kyle Willis (

Spider-Woman (Ultimate), Spider-Girl, and Spider-Gwen (2099) by Nikki Williams (

Spider-Man 2099, Scarlet Spider (Ben Riley), and Venom Noir by Brent Schoonover (

Spider-Man Noir by Shannon Stamey (

Venom (Earth-X) by Rosel Rodriguez Jr. / Hellraze

Carnage (Chibi) by Skottie Young (






IMG_4614 (1).PNG

Ultimate Spider-Woman.jpg

ASM 789 2099 300 Cover swipe Brent Schoonover.jpg

Scarlet Spider 1 Ben Riley ASM 300 swipe Brent Schoonover.jpg

Venomverse 1 Venom Noir ASM 300 swipe Brent Schoonover.jpg

Venom 300 sketch.jpg

Rosel Rodriguez Venom X.JPG

Skottie Young OA Carnage 2018.jpg

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