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8 hours ago, boomtown said:

Picked up Cover art for Blaze of Glory #1. Had my eyes on this many, many years ago when it was posted on the Artist Choice site and it disappeared before I could grab it. Very happy to stumble across it on ebay. Colors are sooo much brighter in hand.


That's nice, who is the artist?


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10 hours ago, Timely said:

CAF Update: Check out this splash page featuring the 11th full appearance of Wolverine & 10th appearance of the New X-Men.

And you are going to let this page slum with all your Spidey Ditko pages? Just kidding. Another awesome addition to your already awesome collection. 

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Doctor Strange 1 p.10 Pencils (Dec 2015)
Artist: Chris Bachalo (Penciller)

A nice pencil page by Chris Bachalo. It had to be redrawn because of the Darth Vader on the wall over the bed and the light-saber on the dresser needed to be removed (copyright reasons?). See published page for comparison.




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7 hours ago, Nuttzo said:

A Pablo Marcos piece Doom vs. Sphinx unpublished from What If? As a newbie I'm hoping I'm able to keep my collection villain heavy and pre-2000's. 


Very nice! I was eyeballing this one for a potential future purchase, but you got it before me. Congrats! It's a really nice piece!

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