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2 hours ago, Readcomix said:

1942 Sunday page, with a letter from Mrs Moseley (or his daughter, maybe, now that I read it again) to the previous purchaser (who had clipped out his own name) on the back side. Nice piece of history to have to go with it.



I really love those personal touches that come with art sometimes. Like you say, it's a nice bit of history. Nice pickup!

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16 hours ago, BuraddoRun said:

I got my 2 (out of 3; 3rd should be payed off soon) layaway pieces in!

The first is from Felix (thanks again Felix!). It's a Ryan Stegman page from ASM: Renew Your Vows issue # 7.

The second is my very first splash page, Elektra VS, Batgirl from Wizard # 121's Last Woman Standing, by Damion Scott. This image/feature was actually my entryway into Batgirl, so this is a personal grail for me. At the time this issue came out, I was pretty much a Marvel fanboy. Last Man Standing was a thing Wizard did where they got series artists to do an original piece for their mag, which featured 2 characters in a who-would-win battle. I incorrectly guessed that Elektra would win, because Marvel. After reading that Batgirl would not only win, but that it wouldn't really even make her break a sweat, I checked out her comic out of curiosity. She quickly became my favorite DC character, and the other 2 pages of Batgirl OA I currently own were my first comic book OA purchases. I got this one from Albert Moy, so thank you Albert!




Nice pieces to add to your collection. I did review your CAF gallery. Small (but you are just getting started), but all good art. Keep it up!!!!(thumbsu

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5 hours ago, Grant Turner said:

Just a quick heads up... I recently posted a new acquirement from X-Men 2 (pg.9 ) of which, I was very excited to get.
Well, within a few weeks, I had an option to pass it along and get a DIFFERENT page from the exact same book (actually the next page in the sequence).  I actually prefer this page as it features a bit more of the team, Professor X, and the Vanisher, while the other page was a bit more Beast centric (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). 
at any rate, I just didn’t want my old page to pop up somewhere and have people wonder why. And I didn’t want anyone to think I was just flipping the page, as I actually made a fairly straight across transaction for the new one.

So with that, I’ll say goodbye and shed a tear for page 9, and I’ll post page 10 when I get it in hand (hopefully next week!)

And should someone end up with page nine, congratulations, it’s even more stunning in person!


Wow, page 10 must be amazing to trade off this beast of a page. Can't wait to see the perfect 10

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Here's the cover to Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm (2012).  So many wonderful pin-ups from this book have been posted on CAF, CGC forum and Facebook...I'm delighted to acquire the cover!

Bruce Timm Naughty and Nice



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Jim Lee + Jae Lee double trouble:

Wildcats page feat. Cyclops, Jean Grey on their honeymoon -

Namor page with Cap, Iron Fist, Namorita -


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Hi Folks,

A Wolverine themed art day for me.

1. A Gerry Talaoc Recreation of the Hulk 340 cover with Hulk vs. Wolverine!  The gentlemen just turned 80 and he can still paint! - CAF Link

2. Two consecutive Aron Wiesenfeld Deathblow and Wolverine page.  The funny thing was, I bought these from 2 separate auction houses months (or years?) apart and I didn't even know they were consecutive until I had them both in hand. Issue 2 page 28 and Issue 2 page 29

3. A Leinil Francis Yu Wolverine 121 page. The drawings on the back are cool too CAF Link

Thanks for looking


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7 hours ago, BuraddoRun said:

I got 3 pages from Power Pack drawn by June Brigman and inked by Bob Wiacek in today! I've been looking for Brigman Power Pack pages ever since I made my first post here, which was in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum and was a "will buy" for just that. I had no luck until I found a CAF member who generously sold these to me. I'm very grateful he did so, because I really love the series and Brigman's art. The pages are pretty funny, too, if you feel like reading them (the 2nd and 3rd, anyway).





Congrats & great Beta Ray Bill page!

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