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2 hours ago, Rick2you2 said:

I should have posted this a few weeks ago when I got it, but, better late than never. 

Fast forward to a recent Heritage Auction, and what shows up? The half story. It is not the best of his PS work, he did an issue of PS's own book with pages I love a lot more, but the first page splash and the unavailability of anything else, and more income, sold me on it. So, for $3,700 or so, with tax and shipping, here are a three pages from it. 


Congrats! That's quite the haul!

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1 hour ago, Rick2you2 said:

Thank you. I wish I knew what happened to the second half of the story in the next Swamp Thing issue.

These showed up, those probably will, too.

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I confess that I have a weakness for All-Ages books with OA perks on Kickstarter.
This one is Land of Toons (written by Kevin Chilcoat and everything else by Hayley Russell and Andrew Morrice) and its quite interesting. Our heroes are Ted the Zookeeper and Mangus the Monkey and they start out making B&W cartoons from a --script. Things go well until they and everyone else see their ratings drop, people vanishing, and a wall appearing.
Ted and Mangus decide to find out what is going on. The first two issues are out and a KS (see the Description) is funded for the printing of the third issue.
This was my perk.

Morrice, Andrew - Lands of Toons 1 Bear Traps Variant Cover (original art).jpg

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