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Two of my favorites, in order.

FF #82 signed by Joe Sinnott. The perspective on this book still blows me away 50 years later. 



Bizarre Adventures #27 Signed by Paul Gulacy (cover artist). Chris Claremont, Bob Layton & Klaus Janson. This was one of my favorite covers as a teen, when it came out.


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Just got this back from CGC today.  Met Rubinstein last year at a con.  Sent off for the Miller signing.

Miller's signature is terribad, absolutely positively terr-i-bad!

Still, it is mine. :)

No photo description available.

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1 hour ago, Crushingame said:

Just sharing my two SS comics.

i only have 4 comics (just starting out) and two are signed.

The lighting wasn’t the best when I took these pics. Sorry.





Thanks for sharing and welcome to the boards.

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