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1 hour ago, october said:

Here's a pic of some of my pre-1940 issues. I hope to add more this year, since I've gotten my fill of pre-code I think. 


Whoa …. that shot is a who's who of Golden Age cover artists!!! Guardeneer, Everett, Flessel, Flanagan, O' Mealia & Fine. GREAT group shot!!!

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6 hours ago, RareHighGrade said:

You have awfully good taste Mr. October.

I learned from the best. I'd still be digging Groo and Punisher War Journals out of dollar boxes if it hadn't been for these boards.

...not that there's anything wrong with those titles. :x

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12 hours ago, batman_fan said:

Trying to put together my next CGC submission.  I was doing pretty good for a while there but slowed way down recently.

Pictures of some of the Batman's that will be going in.

I love the Bats 133. Batman, Bat-Hound, Bat-mite, and Batwoman sharing a cover.  That's like a lot of Bat-Value. 

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