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11 hours ago, comicquant said:

Wow, blockhead statements like this really make me want to break my New Years resolution but I promised myself I would tolerate even the dimmest of bulbs.  

I for one, thank @Frisco Larson for posting the Mexican Editions because I’ve enjoyed seeing them.  They are awesome.  The canvas is less busy than the US editions so you can ingest more of the art.

Thanks for the props on the Mexican editions! I really DO feel looking thru them is like being in an old, familiar house and discovering a room you didn't know existed, what with all of the different house ads and some different stories.

I admit that I too initially thought it kinda harsh to question the worth of a book someone just posted, but I don't know this boardie and kinda chalked it up to the same way a text message might read "other than intended" due to lack of vocal inflections as when the same thing is said to you in person. I see that he has responded to clarify that he meant no insult and in fact is interested in the book. So no harm, no foul, but I DO thank you for having my back on it! 

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7 hours ago, Pontoon said:

It's no Straw-Man upgrade, but it's an upgrade from my previous copy.



Extremely nice 5.0!

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