Arrival dates on Pep 22, Pep 23, and Jackpot 4 confirm my thoughts all along...
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46 minutes ago, lou_fine said:

Definitely me bad then for not doing the research here.  doh!  :boo:

Did try to Google up the Jackpot 4 story before I did this post, but my computer search skills leaves a lot to be desired.  Wish I could afford a copy of these books to allow me to readily determine these details.  :frown:

Thanks again for clearing up my mistake so promptly.  (thumbsu

I'd had the same thought you had, which is why I remember looking to see when the ages changed.  To be fair, the little inset pic of Archie on the cover of Jackpot 4 is lifted from Pep 22, so it could be argued that cover appearance is the last time he appeared as a prepubescent (though his face doesn't look that different in that image).


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On 3/5/2017 at 11:47 AM, Cosmic Boy said:

So can anybody speak as to the actual rarity of the early Archies? Specifically Pep #23-26. I'm pretty sure they're all listed as Gerber 5. I have a really hard time believing 200-1000 copies of each of these exist, and that's without taking into consideration that the Gerber Scale is typically significantly under the actual amount. I generally double the Gerber scale, so 400-2000 copies each? Doesn't smell right IMO based on census data and common sense in what I've seen through many years of collecting. I suppose it's possible that there are that many holdovers in private collections, but if this were Vegas I'd strongly bet the other way.

Having tried to collect the entire MLJ run twice, I'd put them in this order of scarcity, or at least availability on the market.

From hardest to find to less:  Pep 26, 22, 23, 24, 25 IMO.  26 is just really hard to find; I've only seen two for sale.


First post on the new boards!  Thanks ARCH and Vince!

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Glad to see my thread still exists.  What brought me here today - out of the blue I was looking at prices on ebay (which have gone through the roof).  Of note, apparently beat up copies of Top-Notch #22 are going for $2500 - $4k if you can believe that.  Good to see you guys again.

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