Managing Your Account on the Collectors’ Society Website

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Log in to Collectors Society


Upon logging in you will be at your Control Panel where your My Account area is displayed in the upper left portion of the screen.


There are two tabs in the My Account area:

  • My Account
  • My Bio.


Within the My Account Tab you will see your Name, E-Mail and Address that are associated with this account. You can update this information by clicking the Edit My Account button at the bottom of this box. (This information is private and only viewable by you and the Administrators for Customer Service purposes.)




Below your Address you will see your Public Name, this is the name that other members of the Collectors’ Society website will see for you. If you click the View Public Page link you can see what the other Collector’s Society members are able to see when they locate you on the site.


At the bottom of this box, you will find your Total Comic Registry Points and your Rank in the Registry. You can click the link below this information to access coding for your Comic Registry Signature Banner.


The My Bio Tab is where you can enter additional information about yourself that you would like to be visible to other Collectors’ Society Members. Here you can detail your collecting preferences, other collecting interests and any other information you wish to share.




Any time you wish to return back to this page you can click on the Control Panel link at the top left of this page (Next to Logged In As).

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