CGC-graded Golden Age "Good Girl Covers" Offered in Heritage Sale

Posted on 1/18/2023

Once controversial, many Golden Age "Good Girl Cover" comics are part of a February sale presented by Heritage Auctions.

Many once-controversial comic books from a genre known as the “Good Girl Cover” are part of a Heritage Auctions sale in February. Bidding is underway for over 350 books that are graded by Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) in the Good Girl Art in Comics Valentine’s Showcase auction, which closes February 9, 2023.

The term “Good Girl Covers” was coined in the 1930s, referring to covers with provocative images of attractive women. Some of the most popular Golden Age Good Girl Cover artists included Bill Ward and Matt Baker, and the images typically depicted women scantily clothed and in peril.

This auction features some of Baker’s most iconic covers, including Phantom Lady #23 graded CGC 8.5 (lot 81285), and Seven Seas Comics #4 graded CGC 9.2 with a Davis Crippen pedigree (lot 81340).

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By the 1950s, these covers came under fierce scrutiny by Dr. Frederic Wertham in his book “Seduction of the Innocent,” along with graphic images of violence and horror in comic books. Wertham alleged the content was harmful to children, and his book prompted a Senate sub-committee hearing to examine the content and censorship of comic books. This led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority, which required publishers to follow strict content guidelines in their comics, setting the tone for the Silver Age of Comics.

Wertham’s methodology and research have been questioned over the years, and the Comics Code Authority officially disbanded in 2011.

Other CGC-graded comics in this auction include:

  • an All Top Comics #16 graded CGC 8.0 with a Promise Collection pedigree (lot 81004)
  • an Authentic Police Cases #6 graded CGC 6.5 (lot 81016)
  • a Brenda Starr #14 graded CGC 5.5 (lot 81027)
  • a Cow Puncher Comics #6 graded CGC 7.0 (lot 81061)
  • a Crimes by Women #13 graded CGC 8.0 (lot 81068)
  • a Fight Comics #52 graded CGC 9.2 (lot 81115)
  • a Jo-Jo Comics #25 graded CGC 4.0 (lot 81190)
  • a Mopsy #1 graded CGC 5.0 (lot 81261)
  • a Phantom Lady #17 graded CGC 8.5 Restored (lot 81281)
  • a Ranger Comics #26 graded CGC 7.0 with a Rockford pedigree (lot 81297)
  • a The Spirit #22 graded CGC 8.0 (lot 81346)

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