CGC Grader Notes Fee Reduction

CGC Grader Notes fees have been revised. Read the full details inside.

Dear valued CGC members,

Many of you have voiced your concerns about the new fee structure to receive CGC Grader Notes online. We believe the original fees were fair, based on the time and expertise required of the CGC graders, but we wanted to grant access to this information to as many people as possible. We have considered all of your feedback and have decided to reduce the Grader Notes fees on comics and magazines submitted under Standard and higher tiers. The revised fees are:

  • Economy, Value and Modern — $5 (no change)
  • Express and Standard — $10
  • Walkthru — $15

At the same time, we are also creating a new Elite level of the CGC Collectors Society that offers members a 20% discount on the reduced Grader Notes fees, as well as 15% off grading fees on regular submissions.

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There were significant upfront costs to make Grader Notes available, and there remains a considerable commitment to maintain the database and process new requests. While we had previously offered Grader Notes for free over the phone, the volume of the calls had reached a point where graders spent hours on the phone each day and their time is best spent grading new submissions. We want to continue to make these notes available to collectors and dealers, but to do so we must charge a modest fee. We believe the reduced fees are an appropriate middle ground that accommodates the best interests of collectors, dealers and CGC.

Thank you for your continued support.

CGC Management

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