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June 2002  
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July 5-7
Wizard World Chicago

Rosemont Exhibition Center
Chicago, IL

August 1-4
San Diego Comic-con International

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

Across the Modern Desk
By Paul Litch

The market for CGC certified modern age comic books is stronger then ever. The Spider-Man movie has smashed ticket sale records and recorded sales of CGC certified modern comic books have smashed all expectations of dealers and collectors alike. It is definitely a "Hot Title" driven market. The hottest right now, without a doubt is Ultimate Spider-Man. Every single issue is flying past us daily, even the most recent issue. It sounds crazy, but Ultimate Spider-Man is just as prevalent in quantity to be certified as its 39-year-old counterpart, Amazing Spider-Man. Other "Hot" Marvel titles just published this past year include Incredible Hulk #34, Wolverine: The Origin #1- #6, Elektra v2 #3 "Nude Edition", and anything X-Men.

While Marvel may be the dominant publisher that we see, we still get a lot of DC & Top Cow titles like JLA, Dark Knight Strikes Again, Witchblade and Fathom. We are still seeing the popular Wizard's and Wizard Ace Editions. Now, we are starting to see more CrossGen titles. They are a huge hit with Sojourn and certified copies of #1 are still selling great on eBay. Dreamwave Productions & Devil's Due have both exploded with their respective Transformers and GI Joe titles. The demand for the original Transformers and GI Joe, A Real American Hero series experienced a huge boost as well, especially in high-grade. Micronauts (Devil's Due) and Thundercats (DC/Wildstorm) could prove to be very big this summer as the wave of 80s nostalgia washes over us. Just as CGC has seen following the new Transformers and GI Joe series, we are sure to get in a lot of the original Micronauts and Thundercats issues. We have already seen some gorgeous copies and we expect to see more. There is always Kevin Smith and Terry Dodson's Spider-Man/Black Cat mini-series from Marvel, which we hope will be a success. There will be a lot of new "Hot" books for the summer of 2002 - that is for sure.

We were surprised to see some over looked great titles, come through CGC recently. To quickly name a few, Powers, The Coffin, Strangers in Paradise and the incredible Cerebus. Vertigo titles are still strong as well as the Watchmen. Every so often we get in recalled editions (Wolverine #131 or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5), which we think are very intriguing. What surprises us most are Marvel foreign editions from France, Germany and Italy. It is really cool to see a story you recognize in a different language.

What are the best modern age comic books that we see? Of course beautiful keys (Giant-Size X-Men #1, X-Men #94) are always great, but there are some things that give us pause. There was one invoice of drop-dead gorgeous George Perez Avengers and John Byrne Fantastic Four's from the 1980s. Nothing was lower than a 9.6 NM+ (there were only 3 in an invoice of 40+), with bone white pages. Absolutely breathtaking and from what we have seen so far, unmatched. That is cool. We are sure that there are more out there, but we haven't seen them yet.

We have not seen many 35-cent price variant Iron Fist #14's, Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe and manga titles like Akira, Lone Wolf & Cub or Ghost in the Shell. With the 80s nostalgia riding high, we are not receiving many of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series by Mirage Studios. Even a great title like Liberty Meadows is not common at CGC. Jack Kirby DC's from the late 1970s in high grade are also few and far between. Thankfully, there has been a drop in poly-bagged comics that come in, since it has become apparent that a poly-bag does NOT mean a comic book is very high grade.

What does all this mean? With new books, people still want the best of the best plus a reading copy. CGC's pre-screen service has exploded in order to meet the demands of the modern high-grade collector. The amazing talent pool of artists & creators that are working in our industry right now, plus the high demand for CGC product means that CGC will be busy for a very long time.

Comics Go Hollywood

Amazing Spiderman ComicFor well over 60 years now, everyone's favorite comic book characters have graced the pages of numerous comic book titles. Though in the 1940s, comic characters had some success, the 1950s and 1960s had very little success with our favorite four-color heroes. Slowly over the past twenty-five years, comic characters have again made their way off of the pages and jumped onto movie screens. The trend began in the late seventies with Superman, then the late eighties with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and graced its way through the 90s with titles such as Batman, the Crow, and Blade. Though there are few movies made from the thousands of comics out in the market, the movies themselves prove almost always successful. With that observation, comic book companies are beginning to work with Hollywood in bringing countless comics to the big picture. X-Men was released in the summer of 2000 and proved beyond successful. With that, the recently released Spider-Man movie was one of the most anticipated movies since Batman. Presently, comic books are a seemingly resourceful ground for movies because of their past prosperity. Currently in the works are Fantastic Four, Hulk, Daredevil, and more to come over the next year. Not only are mainstream companies aiming at Hollywood, but the independent market is beginning to approach with open arms. With titles such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bulletproof Monk, and even talks of Chaos's Evil Ernie going Hollywood, the independent market has seen the trend and is taking advantage of a seemingly successful opportunity. So, with the amount of work being done between Hollywood and comic books, it might only be a matter of time until your favorite comic book character pops up on the big screen.


Motor City Con 2002
By Paul Litch

Detroit City Rocks! The Motor City Con was great and CGC was, once again, very well received. Michael Goldman, the owner of Motor City Comics, gave us a great show with a lot of fabulous guests and creators. There was a lot of foot traffic all three days. Motor City estimated 14,000 comic book fans joined us for this wonderful weekend. It was great to see so many young kids interested in comic books again. Almost every kid had a Spider-Man something; it is truly the summer of the Spider.

The CGC booth was always active. We reached many new dealers, like the fine people at Nostalgia Ink, who submitted books for their first time. Collectors, who were unsure of the concept of CGC, joined our Collectors' Society and were able to submit their first invoice at the show. Also, they were able to use the three FREE expresses they received from joining the Collectors' Society right on the spot. Dealers and collectors were able to ask us grading questions at our booth. If they bought a certified book they had a question about, we were on hand to answer them.

Dealers and collectors alike only had good things to say about the Motor City Con. Michael Goldman, with the help of Gary Bishop and others, did a great job putting together another memorable Motor City convention. The show was a great success, hot off of the heals of a hugely successful Wizard World East debut in Philadelphia. This just goes to show that our industry is very healthy and it seems we are just getting started!

Collectors' Society Members: Use Online Submission Form and Get 10% Off Grading Prices (Not applicable to onsite grading fees at shows)

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