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CGC Accepting Submissions at WonderCon
Don't miss this opportunity to submit books to CGC for grading at WonderCon in Anaheim.
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CGC Accepting Submissions at Emerald City Comicon
Emerald City Comicon has a great lineup of artists and guests. Don't miss this opportunity to submit your comics and magazines to CGC or have a few books witnessed under the prestigious Signature Series designation.
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Spinner Rack: Batman's First Case (Part Two)
By Joanna Sandsmark
What story is good enough to tell three times? What story is so compelling that every generation must have its own version?
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ComicLink Winter Featured Auction Is Ending
ComicLink’s Winter Featured Auction is ending right now, so it’s time to place your bids on more than 1,000 impressive CGC-graded comic book lots, and many exciting original art lots.
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Billy Wright Collection Realizes $3.5 Million
World-record-setting $8.79+ million Heritage Comics event stands as the greatest comics auction ever.
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Metro's $20 Off Deal Starts a CGC Blowout
Recognized as the industry leader for vintage comics, Metropolis buys and sells millions upon millions of dollars worth of comics every year.
Read this article... Auction Unlocks Keys of Opportunity
The Spring Event Auction features plenty of opportunities for Silver and Golden Age collectors to pick up keys for their collections.
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Detective Comics #27 Apparent 8.5 and Deep Ultra-High-Grade Avengers & Fantastic Four Runs Highlight Pedigree Comics’ March Grand Auction
Pedigree Comics Inc. just received on consignment extraordinary runs of two of the best all-time Marvel superhero group titles, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and the books will be available to bid on and buy in their upcoming Grand Auction.
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