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CGC Signature Series - Your Trusted Service for Autographed Memorabilia
Whether you’re seeking an autograph for a comic book, celebrity photo or magazine, we guarantee authenticity.
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CGC Accepting Submissions at New York Comic Con
CGC will be at the event, accepting submissions for grading and witnessing signings for Signature Series designation.
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CGC Accepting Submissions at Austin Comic Con
Submissions for all service levels are welcome! Stop by the CGC booth at the Austin Convention Center, October 26–28.
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Spinner Rack: "The Spendthrift and the Miser" — Part Three
By Joanna Sandsmark
A well-dressed man in a brown coat and white fedora by day, and a guy who looks almost homeless in his moth-ridden suit by night. What on earth has happened to our Jimmy?
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Comic Art Selection in November Heritage Auction May Be the Best Ever
The last Heritage Signature Auction included the most expensive piece of American comic art ever sold — Todd McFarlane’s The Amazing Spider-Man #328 cover that fetched $657,250. But the upcoming auction, taking place November 15–16 in Dallas, TX, with online bidding at, features an even stronger selection across the board.
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Donald Duck's First Comic Appearance
By Mark Wilson
A dedicated Disney hobbyist sifts through history to discover the true first appearance of the beloved cartoon duck.
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Orlando MegaCon Adds Wil Wheaton to Its Lineup
MegaCon will take place March 15–17, 2013, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.
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Silver Age Marvels and DCs Rule in Pedigree's Grand Auction
From 569 CGC-certified comic books available, more than 90% were sold by the end of the auction. Sales topped $679,000, and with post-auction deals still in the works, the total number is expected to exceed $700,000.
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ComicConnect Handing Out $2.7M at New York Comic Con
The world record-holding auction house, ComicConnect, will be writing millions of dollars in advance checks for their upcoming auctions.
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