Volume 12, Issue 2 2/13  
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CGC Recognizes Haight-Ashbury Pedigree
This rare and exceptional collection of underground books has never been seen in such high grade.
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Submissions Welcome at Portland Comic Con
Submissions will be accepted for all service levels! Stop by the CGC booth at Portland Comic Con.
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CGC at Emerald City Comicon
Submissions for all service levels are welcome! Stop by the CGC booth.
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Spinner Rack: "The Super-Brain of Adam Strange!" - Part Two
By Joanna Sandsmark
Last month we began the delicious story found in Mystery in Space #87 from November 1963, “The Super-Brain of Adam Strange!” The story begins with a bunch of scientific-sounding mumbo-jumbo about Zeta beams and null-Zeta beams — what's next?
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More Highlights Coming to ComicLink February Auction
ComicLink Consignment Director Douglas Gillock reports that the preview for the ComicLink February Featured Auction has accumulated impressive highlights across all segments in the past few weeks. The firm is still accepting consignments for this top-tier auction.
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Iconic Watchmen #1 Cover Art in Heritage Auctions Comics & Comic Art Event
Original cover art from landmark Watchmen #1 is expected to bring $100,000+ in the Feb. 21–22 NYC auction. Cover art for issues #2 and #3 will also be featured as part of the kick-off sale of all 12 covers.
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NYComics Announces CGC Signature Series Event of the Year -
The Masters: Special Edition

Available signatures include Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr., Chris Claremont, Terry Austin, Joe Sinnott, Tom DeFalco — plus anyone on the Boston Comic Con guest list.
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Silver Age is Gold in Pedigree Comics January Grand Auction
The results are in from Pedigree Comics’ recently completed Grand Auction. Sales totaled to $366,000 and, with post-auction deals in the works, the number is expected to exceed $400,000.
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ComicConnect March Event Auction Starts February 25
The March Event Auction begins Feb. 25 at noon and includes the largest-ever ComicConnect original art auction.
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