Volume 12, Issue 10 10/13  
CGC News
CGC Expands Online Census
CGC's Census has expanded to include Playboy, Sports Illustrated and lobby cards.
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Our Favorite Comic Book Characters - Part 2
This month's favorite comic characters run the gamut from superhero Captain Marvel to the nightmarish Alien.
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Defects Caused By Improper Pressing: Cover Shrinkage
Cover shrinkage is a common consequence of improper pressing. The actual shrinkage will vary depending on several factors — but, without intervention, any shrinkage can lower the book's overall grade.
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CCS Accepting Submissions at New York Comic Con
CCS will be in New York, accepting submissions for all service levels. Stop by the CCS booth to drop off your collectibles for pressing.
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CGC Accepting Submissions at Nashville Comic Con
Drop your books off at the CGC booth in Nashville — and don't forget to greet your favorite artists, creators and stars!
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Spinner Rack: "Linda Danvers - Movie Star!" - Part One
By Joanna Sandsmark
This month, Joanna introduces us to a story that combines two things she loved dearly in her youth: Supergirl and movie stars.
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ComicLink Accepting Consignments for November Auction
ComicLink is currently accepting consignments and offering generous upfront cash advances for valuable comic books and original art pieces consigned to the November Featured Auction. The event will commence Nov. 20.
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Heritage Still Accepting Consignments for Vintage Comics and Comic Art Signature Auction in Beverly Hills
Don't miss your last chance to consign! The November auction will feature high-grade examples of Iron Man's first appearance (Tales of Suspense #39) and the origin of Batman (Detective Comics #33).
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Hero Initiative to Hit New York Comic Con with Special Guest Charlie Adlard
Other highlights include an appearance from the legendary Al Plastino, the Multiversity party and Molly Danger launch event — and so much more!
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Ultra-high-grade Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Age DC Collection Headline Pedigree Comics’ November Auction
Pedigree Comics CEO and President Doug Schmell reports that ultra-high-grade, CGC-certified comic books continue to come in for the company’s upcoming Grand Auction.
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ComicConnect Fall Auction Results
The ComicConnect Fall Event Auction yielded impressive results once again. The collections of high-value comics and comic art broke a number of records that will likely stand for quite a while.
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Royal Canadian Mint Releases Superman Coins
Almost sold out! The Royal Canadian Mint has released seven new coins to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Superman.
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