New CGC Labels Are Here!

Posted by Gemma on 9/9/2003

Wondering about those new labels you see on E-Bay?

CGC is proud to announce a new design to the CGC labels!

After four years of input and ideas from many of our customers we have changed the look and format of the CGC label. Now the numerical grade is printed on the left side of the label in large type to make it readable from a distance. Also, the terms “Poor” through “Near Mint” have been removed from the grade designation. The only grade to retain a word description is our 10.0 Gem Mint. Other type on the label has also been enlarged in an effort to make it more readable. The most notable example is the CGC barcode (or certification) number, which is now prominently displayed in the center of the label above the barcode. The top label adhesive has been improved, too, because of problems with the original top labels peeling up after time. The colors of the labels remain unchanged, indicating CGC’s four categories: Blue = Universal, Purple = Restored, Green = Qualified, and Yellow = Signature Series. We hope you will enjoy the improvements we have made to our new label, which went into effect on August 8th.

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