Our Favorite Comic Book Covers - Part 1

Posted on 5/7/2013

The CGC team is fortunate to see great comic book covers every day. Everyone has their personal favorites — including the graders. Over the next few issues of the CGC eNewsletter, we'll share some grader favorites and the reasons why they like them.

Incredible Hulk Annual #1

Jim Steranko's cover for Incredible Hulk Annual #1 has been swiped many times, as it's a perfect depiction of the brute strength that the Hulk possesses.

Brad Bradley, CGC Grader, Marvel Specialist.

Mouse Guard: 1152 #4

I am a fan of David Petersen's work in general, but this cover really stuck with me. I think it does an excellent job of showing the overwhelming odds our little mouse hero is facing, and shows a strong contrast between cute and morbid.

Matt Dakan, CGC Grader, Modern Age Specialist

Rune #1

Since this was one of the early titles that I collected, I have always had a certain affinity for the Rune series. Issue #1 has a striking cover of the main character, Rune, as depicted by Barry Windsor Smith. The way he captured the character gives us a feeling of motion and determination that entices the reader to pick up the comic and find out exactly what is happening inside.

Gemma Adel, CGC Grader

The Silver Surfer Limited Series #1

Cover and art by Moebius, with the story by Stan Lee. I have one word for this cover: Moebius. Moebius always finds a way to balance detail where it's needed, and extreme simplicity where it's not. You can see that here as Moebius makes Galactus look so alive, and yet dispassionate at the same time.

Dan Wiseman, CGC Grader

In the next issue, four more CGC team members will share their favorites.

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