CGC Grader Vince Oliva Named Overstreet Grading Advisor

Posted on 7/23/2014

Congratulations to Vince Oliva, who was recently named an Overstreet Grading Advisor. Vince is the fifth Overstreet Grading Advisor on the CGC team.

Vince Oliva has been on the CGC grading team for over five years. He is a Chicago native and a proud Northwestern University alumni who has been a collector for as long as he can remember, with early interests as diverse as stamps, coins, gum cards and comics. Vince added, "I can remember riding my bike to the local drug store with a quarter in my pocket. I’d come home with a comic, two packs of Batman cards, and change." While still in his teens, he had already completed his high-grade Marvel collection and had acquired many key Golden Age books such as Captain America #s 1–10; All-Star #s 1 and 8, and most of the Silver Streaks. His collections (and expertise) grew to include sports memorabilia, autographs, comic art and toys.

He opened two hobby stores to both fuel and contain his interests. "Whether it was a Janis Joplin autograph; a John Romita Spider-Man cover art, a 1926 Yankees signed ball or a 1962 Robot Comando, I just had to have it!"

These collections have long since been disbursed, with Sotheby’s first comic auction selling the early run of Larson Pedigree Marvel Mystery comics, other key Golden Age comics and a couple of Alex Schomberg paintings. A few years before joining CGC, Vince sold his high-grade runs of Silver Age comics, including one of the finest runs of Amazing Spider-Man to come to market.

While still quite knowledgeable in many fields of collectibles, his true passion is for comics, particularly Golden Age, and comic art.

Although, like all CGC graders, Vince no longer commercially buys or sells comics, his love of comic books has not diminished. Coming full circle, he now pursues reading copies of his favorites, remembering that it is "where all the fun started."

Paul Litch, primary grader of CGC commented, “Vince has been a really terrific addition to the team here. He has so much experience that we can draw upon, and he understands the industry as both a collector and a comics professional."

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